the first brand to bring woven luxury British wool footwear to the world

Rudels Luxury Slippers are Hand Made In England combining innovative traditional techniques and the very finest, Be it woven, pressed or mixed wool from around the world as proven by our British Wool Certificate for our 100% British Woven Wool Classic range with the added comfort of our flawless sheepskin lining.

We champion the world that is Textile & Footwear, woven - mixed or pressed Wool from around our ever so changing planet in all its quality attributes, With these exquisite characteristics and new styles on the horizon we are enthusiastic about maintaining these ethics within our shores, always open to different regions to collaborate with like-minded nationalities as proven by our history & the name we carry with great pride though the centuries.          

We are proud to be the very first brand bringing 100% British wool footwear to You, our customers with this visionary & unique slow re-usable fashion concept you will be buying a piece of groundbreaking history.

Wool is arguably the finest natural fiber on our planet due to our climate the 60 plus sustainable varieties of breed have distinctive structures and feels, this gives them a advantage over other natural or synthetic man - women made fibers - materials from around Earth, shaping within time a Bespoke slipper like no other. Wool is a excellent insulator & sheepskin is a natural thermostat which retains heat and keeps your feet at their optimum temperature.



Our pure British woven wool classics can be proved from breed to product is sourced only in the British Isles and then traditionally woven into our luxury cloth to make our Classic collection, This is hand made by AW Hainsworth.

We are honored to have collaborated with like minded companies & associations one of which is AW Hainsworth on our Classic & Heritage Collections from Leeds in the north of England, a historic textile mill and member of Woolmark & carries the Royal Warrant, awarded for supplying furnishing fabrics to Her Majesty the Queen as well as providing a very important link in many other areas of trade & innovation has been a successful partnership to date. 

Our beautiful woven cloth is then dispatched to our manufacturing partner,  A traditional slipper factory by the name of Drapers Of Glastonbury, steeped in history and technical footwear skills & famous for using a unique method of hand turning the product inside out to handcraft our exclusive Mav-Ricks.

The future is bright for Rudels as with our background being in Textiles and Footwear we will be expanding into mix media from different metal combos & molds to weaving combinations never produced or seen before with new lucrative collaborations. 

If your passion is Textile, are up for the challenge, have a loyal artistic temperament and think outside the box like our past and present collabrators please get in touch.

Watch This Space. 

"timeless luxurious slippers made in England for the modern lifestyle."


After graduating from South East Essex College, England, with an A level, B-Tech Fashion & Textile qualification, A stint at the prestigious Cordwainers, London College Of Fashion, I embarked on my passion for footwear in London's famous West End Bespoke Made To Measure quarter. After a degree of time in London I traveled to the unique shoemaking area of Northampton, United Kingdom, to fine tune my influence in Ready To Wear. The heart of our nation / trade.

Rudels was established in 2015 with extensive development & identifying a NEW gap in the market for 100% Luxury British Woven Wool footwear and launched in 2016.

The Maverick in this area of expertise we truly are like no other !

With the sustainability of this great fiber, Natural Wool, Be it woven, pressed or mixed from across the world, quality in CRAFTS - MAN - WOMEN - SHIP & a eye for colour balance we know this makes a  "Timeless luxurious product made for the modern lifestyle."

Caption is courtesy of The Master Craftsman,

shaping a bespoke product that lasts the test of time

Our Classics are unique as we can trace our Certified Line Of Descent of British Woollen Felt from Farmer & Breed to our Luxury Slippers.

We use Lustre Sheep which consists of Cotswold, Lincoln Longwool & Bluefaced Leicester.

Hill which consists of Beulah, Derbyshire Gritstone & North Country Cheviot.

The last and a favourite is Mountain with Breeds such as Swaledale, Welsh Mountain & Blackface. 

With this Ethos & proven scientific track record - results in areas of our field combined with Rudels innovative passion and continued determination to build mountains within time, You, our customer are buying a sublime British product that is visionary & never been accomplished before.

Until now.

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