Rudels are Hand Made In England combining innovative traditional techniques and the very finest materials as proven by our timeless 100% British woven wool cloth & our Universal wools used to make our slippers.

We are proud to be the very first brand in the world bringing sustainable biodegradable certified 100% British woven wool slippers to You.

Wool is arguably one of the finest natural fibres on our planet due to the unique varieties which gives distinctive structures and feels called Microns, with proven scientific results it is a form of fibre like no other from around our ever so changing world.

Wool is a heat regulator, It regulates your body temperature the same as it does for Sheep. As the feet temperature rises wool has the impressive ability to transfer heat and moisture along every fibre and release it into the cooler environment, and when its cold it keeps the heat in keeping your feet at just the right condition.

Creating within time a Rudels slipper like no other.