After graduating from South East Essex College, England, with an A level, B-Tech Fashion & Textile qualification, A stint at the prestigious Cordwainers, London College Of Fashion & guidance / mentoring from The Master Craftsman Paul Thomas, I embarked on my passion for footwear & textile in London's famous West End Bespoke Made To Measure quarter. After a degree of time in London I traveled to the shoe-making area of Northampton, United Kingdom, to fine tune my progress & influence in Ready To Wear. I have always been open to different regions to learn & collaborate with like-minded nationalities as proven by my history & the name we carry with great pride though the centuries.

Rudels was established in 2015 after a snowboarding trip to Chamonix Mont Blanc , with extensive development & identifying a undiscovered New gap in the market for sustainable certified Biodegradable Timeless Luxury 100%  British Woven Wool Slippers we launched in 2016.

With the sustainability of this great fibre, quality in Crafts - man - women ship & a eye for colour balance we know this makes a  "Timeless luxurious product made for the modern lifestyle."

Caption is courtesy of,  The Master Craftsman.